November 6, 2012

Woodworking in America - Midwest Edition 2012

The MWA crew pose on Megan's 'Gloubo'

Well, WIA was a blast again.  It was a whirlwind of fun, games, and woodworking.  I'm still processing all that I was exposed to.  I need to go thorugh notes and photos and hopefully make sense of it all. Stay tuned . . .


Dyami said... Best Blogger Tips

Glad you could stay longer this year, Sean. We had a blast.

Chris Wong said... Best Blogger Tips


"Gloubo"? Was it her bench that sustained damage last year? Or is the "gl" for glam?


Sean Wisniewski said... Best Blogger Tips


The bench Roy damaged last year was Chris's 18th century bench. The corner had some punky, epoxied stuff that basically went right through a dog hole. Megan's 'gloubo' is the bench she made with LVL as the material.

Stan said... Best Blogger Tips

Ted has a good guide to check it out at

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